Rise Above the Noise

Typical noise suppression eliminates low-frequency, steady, hums like droning fans and idling freezers. Attune II™ suppresses all of those, plus sounds across the spectrum, including sounds that change in pitch and volume like sirens, beeping horns and kitchen chaos. With Attune II, your staff members can speak with customers in a digitally enhanced quiet zone where they can communicate efficiently and get orders right the first time.

Built Tough

The Attune II is ready to take whatever your restaurant dishes out. From its tough, 9/16”-wide headband, to its heavy-duty buttons and fully sealed, oil-, water-, and grease-resistant design, Attune II is built to outlast every competitor on the market. Combine that with rugged headsets that can take 1,100 lbs. of crushing force and keep working; and you’ve got a system that can speed orders and save massive amounts in repair and replacement costs.

DECT: Clear Communications

The entire Attune system operates on the restricted, 1.9-GHz Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) band — not the open 2.4-GHz band other headsets share with Wi-Fi, cell phones and other devices. The DECT band, plus our true, digital packet transmission technology, gives Attune II the bandwidth it needs to deliver maximum clarity and uninterrupted communication.