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SonicChef High-Speed Oven - NE-SCV2

The ideal solution to cook, toast, bake, broil and reheat a wide range of fresh or frozen foods, such as sandwiches, pastries, pizzas, vegetables and meat.

Product details

The Panasonic SonicChef 1200W High-Speed Oven is a versatile, easy-to-use oven designed for any commercial kitchen, in front of house or back, that needs fast, efficient cooking. Combining 3 cooking technologies; high-speed convection, twin "inverter" microwave and broil technology; this oven creates 6 combinations for fast, delicious results.

The Cool Touch surface and compact foot print allow you to stack multiple units, doubling your cooking space. The ventless cooking technology makes set up a breeze, and LCD panel and 1000 memory makes using the oven easy for anyone, regardless of skill level.

The Panasonic SonicChef High-Speed Oven includes a removable air filter and drip tray, base plate liner, ceramic tray, wire rack, pizza and white ceramic plates, oven sheet, aluminum paddle and USB adaptor and an easy-clean enamel door.

Key features

  • Patented technology for rapid cooking. Create 6 heating patterns using 3 functions: Convection, Broil & Inverter Microwave Technology
  • Compact footprint. Designed for kitchens where space is at a premium
  • Stackable. Cool Touch exterior allows multiple units to be stacked, multiplying your cooking capacity
  • Highly customizable. 1000 menu memory capacity with 17 Pre-Programmed Menus
  • Easy to set up, easy to maintain

Specification Description
Power Source 208/240 V AC, 60 HZ, Single Phase
Required Power 3750 W, 19 A (208 V) / 17 A (240 V)
Required Receptacle 20 A (NEMA #6-20R)
Output Microwave: 1200 W (IEC 60705) / Convection: 1265 W / Broil: 1915 W
Frequency 2450 MHz
Convection Temperature Range 180–280 °C (350-525 °F)
Preheating Temperature Range 250°C (475 °F)/ 280°C (525 °F) (Default)

Can be changed between 180-280 °C (350-525 °F) in 10°C (25 °F) increments
Net Weight Approx. 38.3 kg (83,8 Lbs) (including accessories)
Outer Dimensions (W x H x D) 474 x 412 x 565 mm (18-11/16 x 16-7/32 x 22-1/4 in)
Cavity Dimensions (W x H x D) 270 × 110 x 330 mm (10-5/8 x 4-5/16 x 13 in)

Stackable Unit

The high-speed oven guarantees maximum flexibility as it easily fits on a small worktop. In addition, you can double your capability thanks to the stackable option which allows you to add a second oven without using any additional working space.

Menu Flexibility

The high-speed oven SD Card allows rapid menu changes and updates, for up to 1000 cooking menu settings. In addition, user’s own food images can be loaded on to the control panel to be used as menu buttons.

Efficient Performances

Increase your customer satisfaction whilst reducing wait time. The high-speed oven ensures great results with minimum time, guaranteeing customers’ satisfaction and increased profitability.

Optimum Cooking Made Easy

Panasonic exclusive Twin Inverter technology cooks food evenly with no cold spot, always providing optimum cooking results. Ventless cooking operations thanks to the built-in catalytic converter.

Easy-to-clean inside cavity to reduce cleaning time and simplify maintenance, also thanks to the ceramic base tray.


The high-speed oven comes with a series of accessories to guarantee versatile operations to any kitchen:

  • Base plate liner
  • Wire rack
  • Ceramic plate (white)
  • Ceramic tray
  • Oven sheet
  • Pizza plate (black)
  • Aluminum paddle
  • SD memory card
  • SD-USB adaptor