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Federal Government Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Answering the call to help keep the country moving

How does one of the world’s most complex enterprises keep employees productive and connected? With versatile, rugged tools that help federal agencies meet their performance and budget goals.

For jobs that can take you anywhere, you need equipment that can handle anything

The challenges faced by the federal civilian workforce are staggering. As the largest workforce in the U.S., it must coordinate millions of employees, interface with countless partner agencies, and perform a dizzying array of duties coast to coast. Because federal employees need computing and security solutions that stretch far past the ordinary, government agencies count on Panasonic.

Serving communities in their hour of need

FEMA field inspectors walk into situations most people would run from. That’s why they’re equipped with the Panasonic Toughbook convertible tablet when responding to man-made and natural disasters. With digitizer screens, reliable wireless connectivity and integrated digital cameras to gather and share data in real time, it’s the one tool for the entire job.

92% drop in failure rate when U.S. Air Force switched to Panasonic Toughbook computers

Wilderness, tundra, bayou or desert – the job must get done

For environmental inspectors in harsh and isolated terrain, we offer rugged computing solutions with integrated mobile broadband capabilities for access to impact studies, maps and other important data. Daylight-readable touch screens ensure field work happens quickly, easily and with accuracy.

A 6-foot drop would ruin ordinary computers. So would freezing temperatures, salt-water and biological contaminants. Toughbook meets MIL-STD-810 because federal agencies have important work to do.

Delivering critical information to protect public health

Conducting restaurant inspections, investigating disease outbreaks and mounting massive inoculation campaigns requires superior organization and impeccable recordkeeping. Our mobile computers and tablets streamline the process, helping health departments work efficiently and reduce data entry errors.

They’re also the tool of choice of USDA Food Safety Inspection laboratories. Monitoring food production processes nationwide requires mobile solutions that can survive freezing cold meat warehouses and hot commercial kitchens. Panasonic devices can handle it all, including rapid temperature changes, moisture, chemicals and biological contaminants.

Securing the places where we live and work

The Department of Homeland Security must operate under a wide variety of environmental conditions, from dusty desert border crossings to offshore boat inspections in rough seas. Regardless of the conditions, our rugged mobile computers and mobile digital video systems perform to help ensure national security and public safety.

Panasonic's rugged laptops have made us more efficient and combat-ready, ensuring our airmen get critical data when they need it.
Barbara Moore AN/TMQ-53 Program Manager

Protecting the U.S. Capitol requires eyes and ears throughout the District

Using our laptops with embedded wireless technology, the U.S. Capitol Police can access critical data and coordinate between the capitol's many law enforcement and security agencies. This industry-leading reliability helps the force protect the Capitol Building, members of Congress, officers of the Senate and House of Representatives.

For a federal workforce that faces some daunting tasks, we’re proud to outfit their vehicles and vessels, mobile offices and security operations centers with equipment of unparalleled ruggedness and cost-efficiency.

Building security systems to cover every angle

Building security systems to cover every angle

Home to seven federal agencies, the César E. Chávez Memorial Building in Denver is a state-of-the-art, LEED-certified building. Their security solution? A seamless Panasonic-designed network of 46 indoor and outdoor cameras channeling video to a command center with full visual access and secure storage.