18V Cordless 470 Nm (346 Ft. Lbs) High Torque Impact Wrench Kit


Product details


Compact, fast and extremely powerful impact wrench delivering up to 470 Nm (346 Ft. Lbs.) of torque.

Key features
  • Panasonic Patented Twin Hammer Design Increases Working Speed and Torque
  • Compact Size, Smallest Frame In Class
  • 1/2" Square Drive with Hog Ring
  • 2 - 4.2 Ah High Capacity Lithium Nickel Batteries
  • Variable speed with electric brake

Operator ergonomics

The importance of ergonomics on the factory floor continues to grow which is one reason why Panasonic developed this line of cordless assembly tools. The light weight balanced design, cushioned grip and minimal torque reaction, helps to reduce operator fatigue; therefore, creating a better work environment.

Better control of the fastening process

Controlling the fastening process is ideal for correct thread alignment and full socket insertion. In combination when drilling, the two speed switch and the variable speed trigger allows complete control of the fastening process. When in impact mode, the variable speed trigger assists in starting fasteners, socket insertion and allows for much faster working speeds kick back free.

Twin hammer design (select models)

Twin Hammer patented design reduces the overall weight and vibration while increasing the output force and working speeds. Achieved by using an Inner (Primary) Hammer and Outer (Secondary) Hammer. The Primary Hammer transfers energy directly to the anvil while the secondary hammer provides the Inner Hammer additional force and acts as a shield for the Inner Hammer reducing the overall noise.

Compact and lightweight (select models)

Based on the design of the twin hammer, Panasonic was able to create the most compact and lightweight high torque tool in its class. At less than 9" in length, capable of exerting 470 Nm of torque and still only weighs 5.7 lbs with a 4.2Ah li-ion high capacity battery pack making this an ideal tool.

Dual voltage technology provides versatility & backward compatibility (select models)

During the creation of this new series of cordless power tools, Panasonic truly thought about the customer and made sure the latest product was backward compatible. How? Simply by making a dual voltage tool, it allows the customer to use either 14.4V or 18V earlier generational batteries on the new tools. What gains come from using either battery? 14.4V batteries provide better ergonomics (less weight & smaller) whereas an 18V battery provides an even longer run-time.

Brushless motor and hybrid switch (select models)

A reduction in manpower and budgets can make it hard to keep-up with equipment failures and repairs. Panasonic has doubled the life of their tools by using a high efficiency brushless motor and a hybrid trigger switch. The hybrid switch is connected to the CPU, which controls the motor and brake by eliminating any high current from running through the switch. Utilizing the best components Panasonic tools reduce downtime, parts costs and maintenance repair costs.

IP56 Rating: IP56 In-Depth

The IP rating was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and is outlined in IEC 60529. The standard outlines a coding system that indicates the degree of protection an electrical enclosure offers internal components. Based on objective testing, it assigns a rating to the enclosure's ability to keep potentially damaging foreign objects (dust and contaminants) and water out of the tool under increasingly difficult conditions.

IP56 Rating: "5" Dust Protection Test

Subjects the tool to a very dusty environment and then puts it to work to assure the tool was unaffected by dust exposure. In the grueling test, the tool proved that it achieved a dust protection level of five out of six levels; the sixth level is for dust-tight tools. It's a good indication that the tool's design keeps potentially harmful contaminants out, assuring long life and top performance that professionals demand.

IP56 Rating: "6" Water Protection Test

Subjects the tool with increased levels of water exposure testing the limits of the tool. The tool obtained a six out of eight level rating withstanding powerful water jets providing assurance that the tool will continue to run even in the rain or other wet environments.