Operator ergonomics

The importance of ergonomics on the factory floor continues to grow which is one reason why Panasonic developed this line of cordless assembly tools. The light weight balanced design, cushioned grip and minimal torque reaction, helps to reduce operator fatigue; therefore, creating a better work environment.

Reduced maintenance cost

Panasonic has increased the life of their tools by using a high efficiency brushless motor, hybrid trigger switch and an accurate robust clutch. The hybrid switch allows the high current draw of the motor and brake to be controlled by a separate circuit bypassing the switch all together. In addition, the robust clutch design was engineered for a million cycles. Utilizing the best components, Panasonic tools reduce downtime, parts costs and maintenance repair costs.

Safety and product damage prevention

Manufacturers are finding that operators are injuring themselves by tripping over air hoses and electric tool cables. Switching to Panasonic cordless assembly tools eliminates the safety hazards of air hoses and electric tool cables. An advantage of using cordless power tools is that they allow you to eliminate air hose and tool cable damage since they can be very abrasive when moved across a finished surface. Panasonic Cordless Tools reduce rework cost and lost production time.

Reduced energy costs

Manufacturers are quickly realizing that compressed air is expensive and are looking for alternate options. Cordless tools offer that option and can save up to 95% in electrical cost compared to traditional air tools.

Illuminating the work area

When activated a built-in front LED light turns on to illuminate the assembly area. The LED light promotes visibility improving screw and bit placement therefore reducing cycle time. The LED can be programmed to turn on/off with the trigger, or with the convenient switch on the control panel depending on the operator's preference. An additional feature of the tool to conserve battery power is an auto shut-off timer for the LED once the tool is not operated for 5 minutes.