14.4V Cordless Pistol Grip Shut-Off Clutch Tool


Product details

Cordless clutch tool which is intelligent, ergonomic, repeatable and accurate with a comfortable grip.

Key features
  • Tool Body Only
  • High Torque Accuracy / +/-10% Cmk т 1.67 (ISO 5393)
  • Durable - 1 Million Cycle Clutch, Brushless Motor & Hybrid Switch
  • Programmable - Speeds, Cross Thread Prevention, Cross Thread / Rehit Detection
  • Ergonomic - Lightweight (only 2.8 lbs) & Well Balanced

Operator ergonomics

The importance of ergonomics on the factory floor continues to grow which is one reason why Panasonic developed this line of cordless assembly tools. The light weight balanced design, cushioned grip and minimal torque reaction, helps to reduce operator fatigue; therefore, creating a better work environment.

Quality control - Accuracy and repeat-ability (select models)

Quality control has become a very important part in manufacturing which is why Panasonic only offers precision clutches in our assembly tools. The torque accuracy is +/-5% and on some applications even tighter. Additionally, the clutch tools accuracy and repeat-ability are increased by shutting down the motor as the precision clutch begins to disengage. The internal controller drops power to the motor significantly reducing torque reaction. Shutting power down early increases overall productivity which allows more fasteners per charge.

Error proofing / Poka-yoke (select models)

Quality control is always looking to improve their products and reduce the amount of defects. By utilizing a wireless communication and connecting the tool to a Panasonic Assembly Qualifier, batch counting and line control can be incorporated to prevent defects from moving down the assembly line. Furthermore, toque data can be transferred via Zigbee communication to an Assembly Qualifier controller for data collection. With the use of a bar code scanner or PLC, the torque data can be married to a serial number for more detailed data collection.

Intelligent shut-off and Under torque prevention (select models)

Over torqueing, under torqueing and operator influenced torques are recurring issues in assembly. Panasonic's clutch tool alleviates those issues with an intelligent auto shut-off and fast acting clutch. To prevent loose or under torqued fasteners, a photo interrupter is activated and shuts off the tool immediately. If the tool shuts off before the clutch photo interrupter is activated the tool will light the NOK signal. As the operator runs the tool, a CPU monitors the battery level at all times. When the battery no longer has enough power to reach the required torque the CPU automatically shuts down the tool to prevent under torqued fasteners.

Advanced strategies (select models)

Panasonic's clutch tools are far from basic; in fact they are very smart and pose several programmable features such as the tools rundown speed, rehit prevention (double hit), cross thread reduction, downshift, minimum run-time and a maintenance interval alarm feature. When enabled, these features can assist in improving the overall quality of your product.

Quick and easy tool programming / Operator lockout (select models)

To safeguard tool settings, a clutch adjustment tool is needed for changing the torque. The tool can only be programmed by a remote control which eliminates operators from tampering with the tools settings. The easy-to-use remote control can be used to change tool settings; speed, rehit prevention (double hit), cross thread reduction, downshift, minimum runtime, maintenance interval alarm, buzzer, obtain the model number and restore the tool to factory defaults.

Reduced maintenance cost

Panasonic has increased the life of their tools by using a high efficiency brushless motor, hybrid trigger switch and an accurate robust clutch. The hybrid switch allows the high current draw of the motor and brake to be controlled by a separate circuit bypassing the switch all together. In addition, the robust clutch design was engineered for a million cycles. Utilizing the best components, Panasonic tools reduce downtime, parts costs and maintenance repair costs.

Safety and product damage prevention

Manufacturers are finding that operators are injuring themselves by tripping over air hoses and electric tool cables. Switching to Panasonic cordless assembly tools eliminates the safety hazards of air hoses and electric tool cables. An advantage of using cordless power tools is that they allow you to eliminate air hose and tool cable damage since they can be very abrasive when moved across a finished surface. Panasonic Cordless Tools reduce rework cost and lost production time.