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Revolutionary assisted living technology that streamlines communications and vastly improves quality of patient care.

Easing the Strain of Modern Healthcare Demands

The Panasonic Nurse Call Communications Solution is an integrated system that streamlines an often disjointed array of technology and devices. By pairing Panasonic communication devices, including our digital terminals and wireless handsets with nurse call pendants and Direct Care Connect software, we offer assisted living facilities, nursing homes, small hospitals and other medical offices a complete healthcare solution. It’s an unmatched end-to-end solution that is flexible, seamless and works together to help nurses improve the quality of patient care.


The Future of Quality Care

  • 64%

    The estimated increase in the over-65 population by 2035.

  • 60,000

    The shortage of qualified staff in Canada by 2022 due to an aging population.

  • 1,800

    Number of patients in nursing homes who die each year of fall related injuries.

  • 40%

    Improvement in job performance reported by using an integrated nurse call system.

  • HALF

    2-way talk & wireless handsets can cut response time to patient requests by 50%.


How is the long term healthcare industry using technology to get ahead of these challenges?

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A Panasonic Success Story: Masterpiece Retirement

Instant communication between residents and care providers are of utmost importance in retirement and assisted living communities. When Masterpiece Retirement was left without a patient communication solution just three weeks before their scheduled opening date, they turned to Panasonic for assistance.


In the fall of 2017, Masterpiece Retirement was in the final stages of completing a new facility in Medicine Hat, AB, when they were presented with a problem that could have prevented them from opening on time. Just three weeks before their first residents were scheduled to move in, the company that sold Masterpiece a nurse call system acknowledged that they could not provide the functionality that had been promised.


Panasonic and its reseller rolled out the first Panasonic Nurse Call solution in North America at Masterpiece Retirement in Medicine Hat.


The system was not only installed in a matter of weeks allowing Masterpiece Retirement to open their Medicine Hat location on time, but it exceeded expectations on performance and available features.

Masterpiece Retirement adopts an innovative connected care technology solution


  • Benefits for Patients/Residents

    See how patients and residents are feeling more connected than ever with real-time location tracking, easy to use call bells and wearable alert pendants and two-way emergency communications that result in faster care provider response times.

  • Benefits for Care Providers

    Care providers benefit from enhanced workflow that improves efficiency and job satisfaction. With step-saving, mobile staff-to-staff communication and intelligent alarm generation, you’ll see a significant reduction in alarm and walk-in fatigue.

  • ROI Benefits for Facility Managers

    When empty beds equal lost revenue, patient satisfaction is more important than ever to maintaining a profitable assisted living facility. See how you’ll benefit from fewer empty beds due to higher patient satisfaction, less care provider fatigue and staff turnover and overall improved operational analytics