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Video Insight Training and Certification

Become a Certified Panasonic Video Insight Integrator

This two-day training program is specifically designed and developed for integrators looking for in-depth information and training on Panasonic’s new Video Insight software.

The course consists of system design, programming, operation and troubleshooting, with a strong focus on practical hands-on learning for each topic of discussion.

Course Pre-Requisite

  • Online i-PRO Certification 2012 or later
  • If you have not completed this online certification, please contact [email protected] for more details.

Cost per Attendee

  • $500 CDN (2-Day Course)
  • Please place a Purchase Order with our order desk, referencing 'Training VI'', prior to your course start date.
  • Cancellation Fee - $100.00 CDN
  • Email: [email protected]

Course Details

  • Licensing
  • General system design and concept (SQL, IP Server, storage, clients)
  • Server software update
  • Registering/adding cameras
  • Failover server
  • Video wall (additional license)
  • Playback and downloads
  • Event recording setup
  • Camera configuration, orientation, streaming, de-warp, etc.
  • Encoders/Multi-sensor cameras and multi channels
  • 360 degree camera integration
  • NVR integration
  • Rules Manager
  • Event viewer and server statistics
  • Backup/restore System