Become an NSV Certified Systems Integrator

The Business Solutions Sales Support Department is pleased to offer virtual technical training courses and labs for the new NSV300 business communication server

Note: These training sessions will only be available virtually.

The NSV certification program will include:

  • Mandatory NSV technical training for all NS or NSX certified technicians. (Duration: 1 Day)

NS certified technicians are required to complete a lab session within the same week of the NSV300 Certification Course. (Duration: Half a Day)

* Since programming the NSV is the same as the NSX, the lab session is only required for NS certified technicians.

Please see below for the schedule and agenda.

Course Pre-Requisite

Complete virtual or in-class instructor led NS Systems Integrator Certification*1

If you have not completed this certification, please contact for more details.

Click here to access VMWare lab resource for technicians.

*1 Does not include e-learning training

Cost per Attendee

For a limited time, this certification course is available at no charge to all business communications dealers*2.

Dealers must order a NSV300 Demo System, in order to take the certification program.
Contact your Regional Account Manager for pricing. To purchase a 1-year premium perpetual license for the NSV300 Demo System, please submit a PO to the Order Desk quoting 2020-R229.

*2 Notification of cancellation must be received 7 days prior to the course commencement date. Failure to do so may result in a $250.00 charge per cancellation.

Program Details

NSV300 Certification Course*3

  • Overview of new and enhanced features
  • Hardware and server requirements
  • System Configuration and Capacity
  • Activation Keys
  • Installation on a Virtual Machine
  • Initial Setup
  • Creating Users and registering IP phones
  • Sub Devices
  • Smart Desk
  • Final Test

NSV300 Hands-On Lab*4

Half-day of practical labs associated with programming the NSV.
Please note that each participant must schedule a separate half-day within the week of the course day in order to receive certification.

Technicians will need two (2) of the following: NT5xx, NT6xx, Panasonic Windows Softphone with access to the internet.

  • Deployment of NSV on VMWare ESXi
  • Starting up the NSV
  • Creating a User Container
  • Registering an IP phone
  • Registering a SIP Trunk
  • Adding Sub Devices to a User
  • Smart Desk
  • User Portal
  • Internal Packet Traces

*3 Mandatory for all NSX and NS certified technicians
*4 Mandatory for all NS certified technicians, optional for NSX certified technicians.

Space is limited.