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i-PRO Training and Certification


Become a Certified i-PRO Integration Specialist

Build confidence in a complete lab environment with numerous assignments and quizzes, used to reinforce concepts and gain practical experience. Technicians will leave the course with a solid foundation on Panasonic product integration, and will gain valuable experience allowing them to work efficiently and with confidence, saving your business time and money.

Course Pre-Requisite

  • Online i-PRO Certification 2012 or later
  • If you have not completed this online certification, please contact [email protected] for more details.

Cost per Attendee

  • $500 CDN (2-Day Course)
  • Please place a Purchase Order with our order desk, referencing 'Panasonic i-PRO Training'', prior to your course start date.
  • Cancellation Fee - $100.00 CDN
  • Email: [email protected]

Course Details

Network Cameras

  • Useful tools - EasyIP and Panasonic System Configuration Tool (PSSCT)
  • Optimize video image for various lighting conditions
  • Manage bitrate output, video quality and frame rate
  • Configure Video Motion Detection (VMD) and notification

Network Video Recorders

  • HDD installation and formatting (partition types)
  • Camera registration and recording schedules
  • NVR performance and bitrate calculations
  • Operations (viewing, playback, search, download, etc.)
  • License registration and extensions
  • PSSCT tool for downloading configurations, system logs, firmware update, etc.

Client Software

  • System design and video flow concepts
  • License registration and extension features
  • Product integration and general setup (groups, sequences, users, maps, etc.)
  • Operations (viewing cameras, Groups, Sequences, maps, Live Window, etc.)