Document Scanning Solutions that Fuel Non-Stop Efficiency



Document Scanning Solutions that Fuel Non-Stop Efficiency

Business runs on data, but all too often, the world still runs on paper. Operating at maximum efficiency requires reliable, fast processes for bringing paper documents into your digital workflows.

Panasonic scanners and imaging software deliver better performance and higher reliability across the board. Whether you're scanning business cards one at a time, or imaging records nonstop, Panasonic has the right high-performance scanning solution for your needs.

Unstoppable Performance

Panasonic scanners are overbuilt so they can keep running when others fail. They're simple to set up and easy to integrate with your current workflows. Plus, they are backed by some of the industry's best warranties.

If you want an imaging solution that thrives on a full-time workload, choose Panasonic. We won't let you down.
* Based on North American service records from 2006-2015.

Industry-Leading Protection

Most Panasonic scanners include unlimited access to our Canadian-based support services and are backed by our industry-leading Warranty*. If your scanner fails, we'll ship you a replacement within one business day, so you can get back to work while we repair your scanner.

Warranty Benefits

  • Phone support — Free hotline support for scanner hardware
  • Hassle-free — No need to schedule any service personnel
  • Fast turnaround — We overnight a replacement scanner before you return yours for repair
  • Reduced downtime — In most cases, you're up and running the next day


Near 0% Failure Rate

Our warranty records make it clear: our scanners run longer, with fewer repairs. Over the last eight years, three of our primary scanner categories averaged repair rates near zero.

ToughFeed Media Handling

ToughFeed devours thick stock and automatically separates sticky pages. If it detects a staple, paper clip or double-fed page — ToughFeed stops the job to protect the machine and your documents.

Enterprise Integration

Ready to Join the Workflow
Panasonic scanners and software come with all the drivers and applications required for seamless integration with virtually every document management platform. We support TWAIN and ISIS APIs, and we provide an SDK for our Image Capture Plus software, so developers can create advanced integrations with custom features and functionality.

Hardware-Level Security

Advancing Document Security
Data security is a primary concern. Our Auto Erasure Security automatically deletes all data from the scanner's built-in memory, so documents are secure against data leaks from hardware hacking.

Network Options

Connect and Share Any Scanner
Transform any Panasonic scanner into a networked machine with the KV-SSM100 network scanner solutions. Each features an intuitive touch-screen interface which makes sharing and managing documents simple. The solutions even support presets that can sort and file scans into specific directories for each department — like billing, records, etc.

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Which Scanner is Right for You?

OVERVIEW Reliable scanners for individual workstations, providing high-end scanning and imaging software with a smaller footprint High-volume scanners designed to be shared by multiple users Workhorse machines designed for high-speed, continuous use
USES Frontline service personnel and administrative staff who need a small scanner at their fingertips Accounts payable, records, multiple departments and entire floors that do multiple, large-volume scan jobs in an hour Records, payment processing, service bureaus, legal, banking and other businesses in which scanning is a full-time job
WORKLOAD Up to 100 sheets at a time of mixed sizes and paper stocks Up to 300 sheets at a time, up to 25,000 sheets a day Up to 1,000 sheets at time, continuous use