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DCC Nurse Call System

Exceptional care where it really matters

With DCC Nurse Call System, exclusive care, exclusive assurance and exclusive quality are at the heart of Panasonic’s promise to help senior living facilities deliver essential quality care.

DCC Nurse call system - Exclusively from Panasonic


Exclusive care for residents

  • Uncompromising safety and security with always-on connected care: Dramatically improve speed around resident-caregiver communication, resident monitoring and response time with state-of-the-art tracking technology and sensors.      

Exclusive assurance for caregivers

  • Work better, smarter, more efficiently: Reduce emergency alarm fatigue and feel peace of mind with sophisticated reporting and analysis that can help prioritize and manage improved levels of care.

Exclusive quality for facility managers

  • Invest in your bottom line: With a dynamic nurse call system that offers proven reliability and productivity-enhancing features and will scale and remain adaptable for years to come, you’re balancing the needs of residents and staff while staying profitable. 

Discover how DCC Nurse Call System can help to deliver a higher standard of care to your facility

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The DCC Nurse Call System

Built on the powerful Direct Care Connect DCC™ Nurse Call software developed by Poltys Inc., this scalable, cost-effective, fully-integrated communications and alarm management system becomes the lifeline between residents and care providers in independent and assisted living communities.



Explore your DCC Nurse Call options

Better workflow for care providers

Increase productivity with enhanced workflows and eliminate unnecessary walk-ins with time-saving systems such as targeted alarms and resident event notifications.

Improved resident care

Dramatically improve level of care with readily accessible resident information that optimizes data and prioritize responses.

Rapid and effective communication

Improve resident-caregiver communication with a fully integrated two-way communications and alert management system powered by intelligent monitoring / reporting management systems.

Resident location tracking

Using enhanced vector mapping technology, DCC Nurse Call System connects to mobile wireless pendants and other wireless sensors to provide care staff with highly accurate location data when residents press the alarm from anywhere within the facility.

Advanced functionality

Benefit from an advanced nurse call system that generates real-time and historical views of alarms, optimized schedules and readily accessible professional reports and analytics that help identify performance and workflow trends.

Versatility, interoperability and reliability

Maximize efficiency with a system that integrates easily into existing wired and wireless facility infrastructure such as fire panels, door sensors, keyless entry systems, motion detectors, water sensors, wireless handsets and other industry-standard communications systems, platforms and technologies.
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Discover the wearable wireless Innovation driving the future of responsible, responsive, senior living care.

“The residents are pleased that we have this added safety feature. It also gives families peace of mind to know that their loved ones will be cared for."
– Candise Nicholson, Executive Director The Jacob.

We’re here to help build the right system for your senior living community

The PYEN6080 Area Control Gateway allows IP integration of wireless RF healthcare devices by a software integrator.
Direct Care Connect DCC™ EX (DCC EX) is a Nurse Call System designed for the entire range of eldercare and senior living needs, from retirement homes to assisted living and long-term care facilities.
The PYEN1221S60W waterproof pendant is small, light and comfortable to wear, and provide advanced functionality and reliability to enhance the user experience.
The PYEN1221S60N waterproof pendant is small, light and comfortable to wear, and provide advanced functionality and reliability to enhance the user experience.