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Cosmos™ Healthy Home System

Creating healthier indoor air environments

The first connected healthy home system for improved indoor air quality.

Cosmos healthy home system

Introducing the first healthy home system

Your home has a heating and cooling system for comfort. Yet it doesn’t have a healthy air system to ensure you breathe clean air. Since health and building science experts have proven that poor indoor air quality leads to respiratory conditions and many other illnesses, Panasonic created a solution for healthier indoor environments. Introducing Cosmos™,  the first connected home system that addresses your family’s health.

Why do you need a healthy home system?

  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the #1 concern in healthy home building
  • Today’s tightly built homes trap all sorts of toxins inside, creating an urgent need for better ventilation
  • A recent survey conducted by the community human activities indicated that Canadians spent 94% of their total time indoors1
  • Babies, children, seniors, and people with respiratory conditions like asthma are most at risk to be affected by indoor air pollutants such as mould2

Troubling facts about poor indoor air quality

  • Canadians have a two in five chance - or a 40% risk - of being diagnosed with asthma before age 403
  • The risk of developing asthma is greatest during childhood, with 20% of children being diagnosed as asthmatic by 12 years of age3
  • A further 20% of individuals will be diagnosed between the ages of 12 and 40 years3
  • Women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who work outside the home4
  • Occupants of buildings with poor IAQ report a wide range of health problems which are often called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) or Tight Building Syndrome (TBS), Building-Related Illness (BRI) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)5
  • Long term effects from repeated exposure to bad indoor air quality include respiratory problems, heart disease and even cancer6

The Cosmos™ healthy home advantage

Now that you are aware of the harmful nature of poor indoor air quality, we have some good news about your health. Cosmos works automatically in the background to remove contaminated air from your home and bring in fresh, filtered air from outside.

How Cosmos™ works

  • Cosmos by Panasonic is the first connected healthy home system that helps you address your biggest concern: your family’s health
  • Cosmos intelligently monitors indoor air quality 24x7 and manages the most harmful indoor toxins: volatile organic compounds, fine particulate matter, carbon dioxide & humidity
  • Continuously monitors indoor air quality while sensors automatically activate the system to return air to healthy levels 
  • Cosmos is the only professionally-installed fresh-air system that helps you maintain a healthy indoor environment and well-conditioned air quality
  • Customizable presets let you create personalized settings based on events, such as additional fresh air and increased ventilation for your dinner party next weekend.

4 Harmful Sources of Indoor Air Contamination

Cosmos monitors four of the most harmful sources of indoor air contamination, expelling harmful airborne toxins and excess moisture to breathe clean air.

1. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds are toxic gases emitted from common items in your home. Furniture, carpeting, shower curtains, flooring, wood, paint and other common materials and cleaners emit volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, ammonia, xylene, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Repeated exposure to these chemicals can have short and long term adverse health effects.

2. Particulate matter 2.5

Fine particles (also known as particulate matter 2.5 or PM2.5) are tiny particles or droplets are less than 2.5 microns in width and travel through the air, into the respiratory tract and lungs. Medical studies show that particulates suspended in the air can be absorbed deep into the lungs, causing ailments such as chronic bronchitis, reduced lung function and even increased rates of lung cancer and heart disease.

Common sources of particulate matter include cooking vapors, burning candles & oil lamps, fireplaces, and kerosene space heaters.

3. Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide (CO2) build-up depends on a variety of factors. The number of people in a room, the amount of outdoor fresh air coming in, and combustion by-products contaminating the indoor air such as idling vehicles in garages and leaky furnaces – to name a few. While generally not found at hazardous levels in indoor environments, at high levels carbon dioxide can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

4. Humidity

High humidity and condensation from hot showers, baths, leaks and poor caulking can lead to airborne mould spores and mildew, both of which can be hazardous to human health. Mould spores may go undetected at first and can spread quickly if not managed, making it a difficult – and potentially expensive – issue to remedy. Moisture can also cause structural damage to your bathroom, ruining expensive fixtures and cabinetry by encouraging rust and surface buckling.

It is important to manage excess moisture in the home before it causes permanent damage to and health problems. That’s where Cosmos goes to work.

Cosmos™ components

  • Command Center - Monitors system operations in real-time, receive alerts and recommendations, and automates processes efficiently
  • IAQ Sensors - Constantly monitor indoor air quality levels to determine when outside the normal range. Color coded LED lights provide instant air quality reading
  • Cosmos Communication Module - Provides communication for better signal reliability among Cosmos components
  • Mobile App - Provides data on your home’s indoor air quality in an easy to read dashboard, you’ll know when something is wrong right away.

Cosmos Products

WhisperGreen Select

• All-in-one whole house ventilation solution
• SmartFlow™ technology combined with Pick-A-Flow™ selector delivers precision ventilation to any room
• Available in lighted and non-lighted models

WhisperFresh Select

• Filtered fresh air solution for today’s tightly built, energy-efficient homes.
• Brings in fresh filtered supply air from outdoors and helps create balanced ventilation
• Built-in Pick-A-Flow™ airflow selector switch allows you to select your required airflow (50-150 CFM)