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ProServices provides customized solutions to maximize your business capabilities, empowering your workforce, breaking down barriers, and letting you conquer even the toughest environments.

ProServices: Warranty Options


Protect your technology. Protect your investment. Warranty provides the ultimate safeguard for your devices with rapid repair and unparalleled warranty options.


Extended warranty

All Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad devices come with a 3 year standard warranty. Panasonic’s Extended Warranty provides an additional two years of warranty, helping you to minimize repair costs and maximize the life cycle of your Toughbook or Toughpad.

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Hard drive warranty

Panasonic’s Hard Drive Warranty allows you to keep your original hard drive in the event of a replacement being required, or in the event that your device needs to be sent for repair, ensuring maximum protection and security of your sensitive data on your Toughbook or Toughpad devices.

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Accidental damage warranty

Toughbook and Toughpad devices are durable and built to last. But sometimes accidents happen. Panasonic’s Accidental Damage Warranty provides protection against any eventuality out in the field for up to 5 years, providing you and your workforce with complete peace of mind.

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Extended battery warranty

Ensure your Toughbook and Toughpad devices continue to perform at their best. Panasonic’s Extended Battery Damage Warranty provides protection against battery failure for up to 5 years, maintaining performance beyond the standard 6 month coverage.

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ProServices: Solution management


The perfect complement to your Toughbook or Toughpad. Each service is designed to maximize performance, efficiency, and consistency throughout your organization – and to ensure complete user satisfaction at all times.


Disk image management

With Toughbook’s Disk Image Management services, you can ensure that all software on your Toughbook or Toughpad is deployed quickly and consistently – even before they arrive on your premises. It diminishes the burden on your IT department, for smoothing the rollout of new hardware and reduces the cost and effort of software installation.

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Information management

Stay in control of each and every Toughbook or Toughpad within your organization with our personalized Information Management services. Choose from: attribution and recording of IMEI numbers or MAC addresses for your wireless modules; SIM installation; or asset tagging - including either standard and bespoke label sets.

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Customer branding

Ensure your brand stays prominent and your device stays secure. With our bespoke Customer Branding services, you can opt to have your company logo applied to the casing of your Toughbooks – in a durable, high-quality format. You can also choose to have the BIOS of your Toughbook or Toughpad branded and customized to the precise requirements of your business.

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Deployment management

Panasonic’s Deployment Management service lets you take greater control of your solutions. Packaging the integral parts of an overall solution into one carton ensures that it arrives ready to perform – without the need for multiple deliveries or waiting times as different parts are delivered independently.

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Wireless activations

Panasonic provides SIM installation, activation and back-end integration testing for a complete cohesive solution.

Service upgrade

After initial deployment, Panasonic’s Service Upgrade service allows organizations to install additional upgrades such as NFC, Dual Pass Kit, Hot Swap, memory installation and any other upgrade applicable to your purchased model.

Recovery DVD

For serious errors, Panasonic Recovery DVD services let organizations purchase a backup DVD of the original Microsoft Windows based operating system.

Data protection

Panasonic is a preferred provider of Computrace® by Absolute Software. Computrace allows organizations to easily delete data files remotely from lost or stolen notebooks or tablets along with monitoring the status of these mobile devices and track unit information.

Protection plus

Protection Plus provides an added layer of coverage against accidental physical damage that occurs during regular use. This supplemental coverage can reduce the expenses of repairs necessitated by accidental damage.

ProServices: Solution engineering


Our experts work with your business to evolve your Toughbook or Toughpad beyond just the device and into a complete solution designed to work in harmony with your environment.


Product Customization

  • Customizable imaging and BIOS unique to your company
  • Personalize your device to match your company branding

Custom docking solutions

  • Integrate your solution into any vehicle with customized vehicle mounting creating a mobile office for efficiency in the field
  • Let us design and develop your solution concepts with our in-house engineers and 3rd party partners
  • Comprehensive stress testing and Panasonic certification delivers confidence in the solution
  • End-to-end project management, from solution analysis, to production, through to installation

Solution packaging and 3rd party accreditation

  • Custom packaging design available to meet your logistical needs
  • Comprehensive range of 3rd party accessories available to complement your Toughbook solution
  • Each 3rd party component is tested and certified by Panasonic to meet Toughbook standards


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