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Panasonic Charging Cup & Desktop Stand


Product details

Compatible with TOUGHBOOK N1.

Key features

  • Charging cup section attaches/locks to the bottom of the TOUGHBOOK N1 when out of the stand – three programmable face buttons on the device can still be actuated through the cup.
  • Charging cup detaches from the stand and can be used in-vehicle with vehicle power supplies
  • For charging in the desktop usage, purchase CF-AA6373AM 60W power supply (includes the 3-prong AC cord). Standard Panasonic 16V DC barrel connector connects to the cup to power/charge the TOUGHBOOK N1
  • When the TOUGHBOOK N1 and the cup are fully inserted into the stand, the TOUGHBOOK N1 can be freely inserted and removed (cup’s locking mechanism is disengaged when in the stand);although free, the cup will still charge the d when powered

Specification Description
Weight 0.2 lbs
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions 4.6" × 4.7" × 3.0"