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Panasonic Dual Pass Vehicle Dock Adaptor (VDA) & Lite Keyboard Bundle


Product details

Compatible with TOUGHBOOK 33 and 31.

Key features

  • Avoid the hassle of vehicle dock upgrades. Simply drop in a VDA into an existing TOUGHBOOK 31 vehicle dock from Gamber-Johnson or Havis
  • I/O include USB 2.0, dual RF, key lock
  • Includes removable Lite Keyboard and coil cable which can connect the Lite Keyboard to the VDA if a user wants to remove the Lite Keyboard and type on their lap
  • Features tablet release with lock/unlock and keyboard release

Specification Description
Weight 4.0 lbs (VDA), 1.5 lbs (LK)
Warranty 3 Years
Dimensions 13.5" × 10.3" × 1.2 (VDA), 11.9" × 9.0" × 0.5" (LK)