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Complimentary i-PRO S-Series Cameras

i-PRO - The power of truth

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Eligible customers can try out a complimentary i-PRO Artificial Intelligence S-Series camera – to keep, as our gift.

Try it, experience it and buy more!

I-PRO S-Series AI cameras have an advanced AI engine with on-board analytics to detect changes in scenes, automatically adjust image settings of the scene being analyzed, and optimize video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capabilities. Pre-loaded with two AI plug-ins, experience the power of i-PRO Artificial Intelligence!

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Business project, no residential
  2. Provide AI related camera application. For example, Privacy Guard in Retail Environment

Important Information

  • Seed unit lead time is 1-4 weeks
  • Customer qualification process is required prior to approval
  • Following seed unit placement, a Panasonic representative will follow-up with you
  • A post experience survey will be emailed to the customer to complete

Available products

Terms and Conditions

Products under the Complimentary i-PRO S-Series AI Cameras for Customers program are considered a gift and are supplied solely for demo purposes and as-is, where is without any warranties. Panasonic Canada Inc. disclaims all liability in relation thereto.

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