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Medical Office Case Study

Medical Office Renovation

Read about how Panasonic’s advanced solution worked to keep the office temperature comfortable while also saving energy.


A successful retrofit provides comfort and energy savings

Medical offices are complex spaces with unique requirements, and often have older, inefficient design and HVAC systems that need upgrading. Retrofits are necessary to ensure patient comfort and care, but as medical offices can’t simply shut down, it can be challenging to complete an update. The building in Kentville, Nova Scotia was looking for a solution to replace their existing HVAC solution that was flexible with their requirements and could be completed with minimal disruption outside of regular business hours.

We got a lot of support from Panasonic – from preinstallation to installation and post-installation. The Panasonic VRF system was easy to install and has been seamless for the client. Panasonic delivered on their promise of a top quality system…
Chuck Hazel Senior Mechanical Contractor from C.Tech Refrigeration, a division of the Baxter Group of Companies

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