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Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Commercial heating & cooling systems for any building

Panasonic is leading the way in smart building technologies, bringing total comfort to even the most demanding indoor spaces.

Leading the way in commercial heating & air conditioning solutions

Panasonic commercial HVAC solutions surpass traditional HVAC systems, with multi-zone VRF systems that provide optimal comfort and zoned control for your commercial applications. Designed with innovation, cost-saving opportunities, and ease of use in mind, learn more about how our commercial air conditioners and heating systems can meet your needs. Learn how the quality of our solutions guarantees customer satisfaction. Speak to one of our experts today.


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Discover the benefits of choosing Panasonic

  • Reduce running costs

    Panasonic systems can maximize reductions in running cost by using intelligent control technologies. These technologies can precisely regulate heating and cooling, dynamically adjusting for occupied or unoccupied areas.

  • A flexible design

    Our VRF solution is designed to be flexible enough to fit any build phase, retrofit requirement and space saving initiative. Contractors benefit from a system that is built to be installed in complex spaces, like roofs, closets, parking lots, etc. or phased into zones.

  • Powerful and quiet operation

    We design our solutions for total comfort, and that includes enhanced noise reduction innovations. Our indoor and outdoor units do not exceed a very low decibel range, achieving whisper quiet operation for building occupants.

  • Zoned heating and cooling

    Not all zones, units, or individuals within a building will require the same heating and cooling levels. Our VRF solutions give occupants personalized capabilities with zoned control settings that are both responsive and accurate.

Commercial Product Portfolio

View our catalogue of commercial HVAC products and solutions, highlighting full specs and features.

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