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Commercial Construction Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Building today to meet tomorrow’s requirements

Technology is changing. Companies are going greener. And cost and design flexibility are always factors to consider. To make your job easier, we’re continually innovating with our building solutions.

A forward-thinking focus on energy, comfort and value

From commercial solar panels to building controls, ventilation to cordless tools, Panasonic offers unmatched flexibility for builders, contractors, building owners, engineers and architects. Whatever your needs, you’ll find smart solutions to enhance health, comfort and efficiency. Even better, we’ll work closely with you to ensure these solutions satisfy the specific requirements of your build.

Our goal? Energy systems you never have to think about. We design and install our solar solutions to last no less than 20 years, and offer flexible operation and maintenance service levels and costs.

Lower your energy costs and green your power supply

As a global leader in energy generation – including solar, fuel cells, and combined heat and power – we’re uniquely equipped to help you achieve greater efficiency, whether your energy bills run $6,000 per month or $600,000 per month.

It all starts with you – your unique energy profile, business strategy, budget and customer base. We can help the store seeking to green its operation with solar panels, the hospital pursuing a cost-effective way to meet both electric and hot water demands, or the data center that must have high-quality, reliable power. Through our end-to-end solutions, we handle assessment, design, financing, installation, operations and maintenance, even decommissioning.

27% more power from our HIT® high efficiency solar panels compared to standard panels

Making the most of solar power

Panasonic has been in the solar business for over 40 years, and has been providing high-efficiency, high-quality solar panels for more than two decades. Our breakthroughs continue to help building owners and managers lower energy costs with industry-leading performance, even at high temperatures when conventional panels often go weak. And we back it all with our industry-best 25-year product and performance warranty.

Heating and cooling even the most demanding buildings

Indoor Air Quality solutions are another area where Panasonic is leading the way. Because powerful ventilation is so essential, we develop flexible, low-cost solutions that can remove moisture and pollutants from virtually any environment, creating healthier spaces.

Surpassing traditional HVAC systems, our single-split, multi-split and ECO-i VRF systems provide optimal comfort and zoned control for your commercial applications. Even better, our systems can maximize reductions in running cost by using intelligent control technologies. These technologies can precisely regulate heating and cooling, dynamically adjusting for occupied or unoccupied areas.

Our Building Automation Systems are a logical progression in green initiatives that can help companies realize significant savings.
Kent Ikeda Director, Office Products Business Division, Panasonic

Integrated solutions for contractors, flexible for architects and engineers

Panasonic’s applications and technical support are the catalyst you need to grow your HVAC contracts and opportunities. With modular, space-saving designs and a multitude of configurations to meet the needs of engineers and architects, our solutions can easily grow to accommodate virtually any building project.

Smart building technology is on the rise

Temperature controls that adjust to occupancy levels. Lighting that responds to increased daylight and conserves energy. Facial recognition security systems. Energy management systems. These are just a few of the many ways we’re working to make tomorrow’s buildings better.