Nurse helping patient

The Panasonic Nurse Call Solution

Book a demo and see the difference!

See the Panasonic Nurse Call System in Action!

When you book a demo for the Nurse Call System a Panasonic Account Manager will invite you to the Panasonic Showroom, or plan a visit to your facility so that you can see the benefits of the Nurse Call System firsthand.

Book a demo to access the following:

  • A hands-on test of the Digital Communication Terminal where you’ll discover ways to use this technology to markedly improve communication with your patients/residents in your facility with 2-way communication.
  • A walkthrough of the Direct Care Connect technologies where you’ll see how it communicates through desktop and smart devices to monitor results and response times.
  • Try the water- resistant and rugged devices that make Panasonic’s Nurse Call products ideal for healthcare facility conditions.