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WXGA Large Venue Projector 11,000 Lumens Discontinued


Product details

High brightness in a compact chassis with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1

Key features

  • 3-Chip WXGA DLP™ Projector with 11,000 lm of brightness
  • Reliable lamp system and maintenance-free eco filter for up to 12;000 hours
  • Flexible installation
  • Supports custom applications such as geometric adjustment, edge blending, colour matching, vertical/horizontal and/or 360-degree projection and 3D

Specification Description
Panel Size 21.6 mm (0.85")
Display Method 3-Chip DLP
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Lamp 380 W UHM x2
Brightness 11,000 lumens
Contrast 10,000:1 (Full On / Full Off)
Resolution (Native) WXGA (1,366 x 768)
Resolution (Maximum) WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200)
Screen Size (Diagonal) 1.78-25.4 m (70-1000 inches)
Lens Shift Vertical: ±70% | Horizontal: ±30% (powered)
Digital Link --
Geometric Adjustment No
Portrait Mode Yes (with optional lamp & software upgrade)

High brightness in a compact chassis

Panasonic's original dual-lamp system, with its new 380 W lamp, helps to make the body compact while providing a full 12,000 lm of brightness with 120 V AC operation. The replacement lamp unit (ET-LAD310A/ETLAD310AW) can be used with all of the PT-DZ8700/PT-DZ110X Series*1 projectors. This reduces the number of lamp types that need to be kept in stock when multiple projectors are used.

*1 PT-DZ8700/DS8500/DW8300/DZ110X/DS100X/DW90X

Dynamic Iris for a high contrast ratio of 10,000:1

Panasonic's Dynamic Iris uses a scene-linking aperture mechanism to achieve a remarkable 10,000:1*1 contrast without lowering its high brightness. This helps to reproduce deeper, richer blacks and provides images with more detailed textures.

*1 Full on/off, with dynamic iris set to "3"

Dual lamp system

This system eliminates the interruption if a lamp should fail (in dual-lamp operation mode). The Lamp Relay Mode also operates the lamps alternately to enable 24/7 projection.*1

*1 If the projector is to be operated continuously 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, use the dual-lamp optical system's alternating lamp operation (lamp changer) function. The projector cannot be operated continuously 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in dual-lamp mode. Allow a minimum of two hours per week of non-operation time per lamp if using the dual-lamp mode.

Maintenance-free Eco filter for up to 12,000 hours

The Eco Filter has an electrostatic Micro Cut Filter that collects minute dust particles with an ion effect. It combines with the dust-resistant cabinet to enable long-term use even under harsh conditions. Its maintenance cycle of up to 12,000 hours*1 reduces hassle, and the environmental design lets you wash the filter with water and reuse it.*2

*1 The usage environment affects the filter maintenance cycle.
*2 When washing with water, please follow the procedures listed in the operating instructions. Also, we recommend replacing the filter with a new one after it has been washed and reused twice. If the filter is not sufficiently clean after washing, replace it with a new one.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

The PT-DW11KU lowers the total cost of ownership because it has a lamp replacement cycle of up to 2,500 hours.*1 Their environmentally friendly design also includes a low power consumption of 1,000 W.

*1 When the projector is in landscape orientation and LAMP POWER set to HIGH mode. The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle.

Flexible installation

The wide adjustment range of the powered horizontal/vertical lens shift function can be easily adjusted with the remote control. The unit can also be rotated 360 degrees vertically, to accommodate various installation conditions. The lens-centered design contributes to easy Installation.