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WXGA SOLID SHINE Laser Projector 3,500 Lumens Discontinued


Product details

Laser light source 1-Chip Full WXGA DLP™ projector with 3,500 lm level of brightness

Key features

  • Superb colour reproduction
  • Approximately 20,000 hours of continuous operation during normal use
  • Excellent TCO lamp-free design allows for 24/7/365 continuous, maintenance-free operation
  • Supports custom applications such as edge blending, vertical/horizontal and/or 360-degree projection and 3D

Specification Description
Panel Type (LCD/DLP) DLP
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Lamp (Light Source) LED/Laser-combined
Brightness 3,500 lm
Lens (Throw Ratio) 1.5 3 – 3.09:1
Contrast (Full On / Full Off) 20,000:1 (full on/off)
Resolution - Native/Maximum WXGA (1,280 x 800)
Screen Size (Diagonal) 1.02 – 7.62 m (40 – 300 in)
Optical Axis Shift Vertical: +69%, -46% (manual), horizontal: +28%, -37% (manual)
Digital Link Yes
Geometric Adjustment No
Portrait Mode No

This new light source requires no maintenance for approximately 20,000 hours.*1 In many cases, this means no maintenance until your next refresh cycle. Naturally, there are no lamp burnout problems during use, so reliability is further increased. There is also no filter to clean due to carefully engineered sealed optics.

*1 A guideline for light source replacement. The maintenance-free period may be shortened due to environmental conditions.

Superior colour reproduction

The LED/Laser-combined light source has a higher level of colour purity than an ordinary lamp, allowing it to achieve colour reproduction with wider colour space. Colours are more vibrant than those of conventional projectors.

Dust-resistant structure with an airtight optical block

The area between the LED/Laser to the DLP™ chip and prism is hermetically sealed to form an airtight structure for the optical block, the heart of the projector. This resists the effects of dust and other particles in the air, and enables use of the projector in a wide range of environments.

Lens-centered design

A lens-centered, symmetrical design provides ease of installation, eliminating the need for any special considerations when planning the installation site.

Single cable solution

Equipped with a DIGITAL LINK terminal, the PT-RW430U allows transmission of HDMI, uncompressed HD digital video, audio and control signals (Ethernet, RS-232C) for up to 100 meters (328 feet) through a single CAT5e (STP) cable or higher. This simplifies cabling and system upgrades, making it ideal for ceiling-mounted and other permanent installations.