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Product details

The main unit is equipped with an abundance of inputs and outputs for great system integration that includes 32 SDI and 2 DVI inputs plus 16 SDI outputs. 4 DVEs per ME enable diverse transitions when producing creative video in demanding fast-paced situations. Three types of control panels can be used. C1 and C2 panels offer 24 XPT buttons and 4 pages and allow easy switching among 96 total crosspoints. The compact panel C4 is 30% shorter than the C1/C2 version and offers an easier integration into small studios and OB Vans.

Key features

  • 34 inputs (SDI X32, DVI×2) and 16 SDI outputs; all inputs have built-in frame synchronizers
  • Simultaneous output in both 1080p and 1080i formats
  • 4 independent multiViewer displays; Single multiViewer can display a maximum of 16 video sources
  • Equipped with real-time high-quality chroma keying that employs Primatte® algorithms / Standard 1 channel, expandable up to 4 channels
  • The switcher can be set by the 10,1-type touch-operated Menu Panel AV‑HS60C3G (optional) or by a PC monitor and USB mouse