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PTZ Camera Auto Tracking Software


Product details

Introducing a state of the art auto-tracking software, which dramatically simplifies PTZ camera operation in locations such as classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, conference rooms and stage environments, by enabling compatible Panasonic professional PTZ cameras to automatically keep track of a speaker or a lecturer.


30-Day Free Trial!

For a limited time, download the AW-SF100 PTZ auto-tracking software to use during a 30-day free trial.

Key features

  • Motion Detection and Facial Recognition used for high-precision auto tracking with minimum tracking error
  • Available in two versions: the Stand-alone version that is to be used on a single PC, and the Web application version that enables control from a tablet, smartphone or desktop PC
  • Simple, low-cost installation to easily migrate to an existing system without additional devices
  • Easy set-up, no additional equipment necessary & not necessary to wear a sensor; no battery needed
  • Compatible with prior and new Panasonic integrated PTZ cameras

30-Day Free Trial!

For a limited time, download the AW-SF100 PTZ auto-tracking software to use during a 30-day free trial.

Keep Your Dongle at Home

The use of high-performance motion detection and high-accuracy facial recognition enables high-precision auto tracking of the subject with minimal tracking errors, regardless of the direction the person is facing, even in situations where a lecturer is writing on a blackboard with his/her back to the camera. In addition, since this function does detection/tracking with streaming video from the camera, it is not necessary to have the video capture board typically needed for capture on a PC. This reduces the processing load for video capture, thereby eliminating the need for a high-performance PC.

Utilizing a template matching and motion detection technology in conjunction with high quality streaming video over IP, the AW-SF100 auto-tracking software allows for automated tracking of the person/object without the need for any external devices or transmitters. The tracking technology is fine-tuned to keep tracking a person even when he/she turns away from the camera. Though one PTZ camera works at one time on one software, up to 10 PTZ cameras can be registered to one software, which helps you to switch between the cameras with just a few clicks.

Main AW-SF100 Software Features

  • Automated PTZ Control Tracking using template matching and motion detection technology using prior and new Panasonic integrated PTZ cameras.
  • Manual PTZ Control and Presets
  • Manual adjustment of template, distance, and sensitivity parameters.
  • Ability to pre-program registration of several AW PTZ cameras.
  • Ability to set tracking object center point
  • Ability to mask certain complex areas of the imagery to yield better tracking results.
  • Runs on a Windows-based PC

Compatible Professional PTZ Cameras

  • Prior and new Panasonic integrated PTZ cameras


Easy to Use Software

The auto-tracking settings can be easily adjusted with an intuitive GUI which only highlights the necessary icons to minimize the setup labor and assist you in smooth operation. Tracking adjustment tools, such as masking, limiters, tracking disable zone and sensitivity level adjustment are also available.

IP-Based Software: Remote Operation

Adoption of IP-based software brings you system flexibility and allows for IP connection (IP streaming/IP control), installation/operation of the camera in a classroom in a remote location.

Simple Installation

If the Auto-Tracking Software is installed on a PC*1 or Server, it is possible to easily set up an auto tracking system by connecting a prior or a new Panasonic integrated PTZ camera. New installation of sensors and other equipment are not necessary. Since the system configuration is simple and new devices do not need to be added, the initial cost can be reduced.

*1 This refers to the application version. If the Web application version is to be used, the Auto-Tracking Software is installed on an HTTP server and used from there.

PC, Web or Server Based Options

You can choose to use AW-SF100 as a Web application, so it also supports control from a tablet, smartphone, desktop PC, etc. Providing centralized control of multiple cameras, AW-SF200 uses a floating license for flexible operations matched to the user environment.

AW-SF100 System Example: Lecture Capture (Classroom)

Auto tracking and control of one camera with one PC.

AW-SF200 System Example: Lecture Capture (Entire Campus)

Use of central servers for simultaneous auto tracking and centralized control of multiple cameras in a large hall and cameras in multiple classrooms.