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Product details

The AW-UE80W/K is a PTZ camera suitable for capturing the natural facial expressions of actors/performers and for recording events without spoiling the ambiance. The dome-shaped design minimizes “the feeling of being recorded on video” while the new direct-drive motor produces a very quiet operating sound so it won’t disturb the production activities or spoil the ambiance. The camera offers high-image-quality 4K/60p resolution, wide 74.1° angle, and optical zoom with up to 24x magnification to achieve superb video image quality. The AW-UE80W/K also offers excellent stability and security during video streaming so it can be used for any type of video production. From the production of a reality show to the recording of an internal business or educational event, the top-of-the-line standard model, AW-UE80W/K, can be used in a diversity of applications.

Key features

  • Supports a wide variety of IP transmission protocols, including high bandwidth NDI*¹, NDI|HX, and SRT*²
  • Supports 4K 50p/60p shooting
  • Includes a wide-angle lens with a 74.1° field of view and 24x optical zoom
  • Supports FreeD for building AR/VR systems
  • New Direct Drive System for improved responsiveness and quietness

*1 NDI® is a new live video production workflow support protocol for IP use developed by NewTek in the United States. In this instance, NDI® is used to indicate high bandwidth NDI®.
*2 SRT: Secure Reliable Transport.

Specification Description
Resolution 4K UHD
Sensor size 1/2.8
Field of view 74.1 degrees
Frame rate 4K 60p
Optical zoom 24x
Image stabilization Optical
SDI 3G X 1
HDMI 4k 30p
Genlock Yes, BNC
NDI Yes, included (HD)
NDIHX Yes, included
ND filter Yes
FreeD tracking data Yes
Zoom Certified --
PoE PoE++
Control Serial/IP/IR
Optical fibre No
HD cropping No
Audio 3.5mm unbalanced audio

Optical 24x Zoom & 74.1° Horizontal Wide Angle Lens

Adding "iZoom" to the AW-UE80's exceptional 24x optical zoom, maintains high resolution while enabling ultra-high resolution 36x zoom in HD mode. This enables distant subjects to be captured clearly. Furthermore, 74.1° horizontal wide-angle shooting allows you to capture the entire area with one camera, even when installation space is limited.

Versatile Video Outputs for a Range of Video Productions

The AW-UE80 supports three popular output interfaces, including 3G-SDI, HDMI and IP, providing you with a range of options for current camera installations, while also preparing you for future video workflows.

Supports SRT for Secure and Reliable Video Streaming

The AW-UE80 supports SRT, a next generation video transport protocol that provides robust security and works well even with an unstable network environment. This prevents trouble such as transmission interruptions during program production or event recording, thus assuring stable and reliable video streaming. This protocol can prevent risks such as information leakage, so it can be used safely for any video content.

Smooth Camera Movement & Quiet Operation with Direct Drive System

The operating sound is quiet so there is no need to worry about the camera sound spoiling the ambience even when producing a reality show or recording an event. The new direct-drive motor operates quietly during panning (horizontal movement) and tilting (vertical movement) so it does not disturb the recording of crucial scenes.

What’s more, the new direct-drive motor stops precisely at a desired position, returns exactly to a preset position when the preset function is used for accurate camerawork, moves smoothly to accurately follow subjects moving at different speeds and allows speed setting. Combined with the quietness of operations, these features and functions can play an active part in a diversity of video production.

Single Cable Installation with PoE++

With PoE++ technology, the AW-UE80 offers an optimal level of installation flexibility, providing not just power to the camera, but also enabling camera control and audio/video output, all via a single LAN cable. Using PoE++ with the UE80 camera simplifies cable runs, decreases overall installation costs, and in some cases, eliminates the need for having a dedicated electrician onsite for the install.

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