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KAIROS Core 100 Switcher/Mainframe/Server


Product details

KAIROS Core 100 is the entry-level Core supporting a 100Gb network with a more modest GPU than the larger KAIROS Core 1000, but powerful enough to match or exceed the processing capacity and feature set of a three or four ME hardware based switcher. A simple KAIROS system can be built around a single KC100 utilizing the Deltacast input modules or a small 100Gb network switch and ST 2110 gateways sufficient to support up to a 32 x16 3G SDI configuration. Such a system is a powerful, middle-market system perfect for a House of Worship, a small TV Station as well as a multi-room AV deployment on a corporate or college campus. It can also be used for a simple multicamera production and is also especially powerful for a hybrid remote production, which simultaneously utilizes remote streaming and local base-band inputs.

Key features

  • Entry-level KAIROS Core 100 supports 100Gb network, ST 2110 uncompressed IP connectivity
  • Accepts compressed streaming inputs via the Gb control network, upgradable to support UHD
  • Build to support up to 32 x16 3G SDI configuration (With I/O extension upgrade)
  • KAIROS Core runs on Enterprise-grade Linux server and is designed to be up 24/7
  • Powerful hybrid remote production system, which simultaneously utilizes remote streaming and local base-band inputs, Optional Canvas feature enables custom aspect ratios and resolution for unusual display configurations