Shoulder-mount AVCCAM Camcorder


Product details

​​​​​​The AG-AC8PJ is an incredibly powerful, Full HD 1080P shoulder-mount camera that features exceptional ergonomics, functionality and pricing.

Key features
  • Full HD Shoulder-mount AVCCAM Camcorder
  • 21x optical zoom
  • Powerful 5-Access Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S)
  • 16:9 touch-panel LCD Viewfinder (460;800 dots)
  • Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS)

The AC8 is ideal for shooting weddings, business conferences, documentaries, sporting events (including 720p at 8Mbps), exhibits and government activities.

Its wide angle 28mm/F1.8 lens allows you to fits more people and background into the frame, especially useful in narrow spaces. A powerful 21X optical/50x super-high resolution zoom permits you to shoot scenes that you can't get close to. Intelligent resolution technology lets you shoot at high zoom rates while preserving the image resolution.

With dual SD card slots and the capability to record on both cards simultaneously, the AC8’s Relay Auto Switch functionality provides dependable back-up recording or the ability to switch from one card to the other for extended recording times.