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Product details

DCare™ is a BYOD (bring your own device) mobile application that leverages your existing Wi-Fi network to turn Android-only mobile devices into PBX extensions capable of receiving and responding to alarms. With DCare, you can create customized alarm groups to include orderlies or cleaning and maintenance personnel. In facilities with larger alarm traffic, DCare EX shows all alarm activity in DCC in real time. Caregiver personnel may accept the alarm and go to the room to cancel it, or callback the resident to check his/ her health condition by voice call. Caregivers can communicate with each other at any time using mobile devices powered by DCare EX mobile application using the Assist feature.

Key features

  • Caregiver login/logout
  • Caregiver zone selector – Caregivers can select their working zone at login time
  • Unlimited alarm escalation levels and real-time alarm monitoring
  • Callback using local PBX
  • Powerful exportable Excel reports