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Panasonic North America - Canada (English)

person looking at immersive display of colour

We’re exploring the creative frontiers of immersive entertainment.

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Versatility and quality: The kitchen of the future

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Helping businesses and landmarks remain relevant with immersive technology

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Connected world

A Connected World moves us all forward

Welcome to a connected world where cities spontaneously adapt to the needs of people, cars talk to each other to avoid accidents, and planes keep passengers in constant touch with their lives on the ground below.
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Immersive entertainment

Getting fans into venues and on their feet cheering

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Automated supply chain

Business moves more seamlessly across our integrated supply chain

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Technologies that Move us

Why low-speed EVs matter today

How tech trends and standards of efficiency are changing the way we think about mobility solutions.
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Public Safety is Drowning in Digital Data

Police services are dealing with information overload
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Healthcare Technology Solutions from Panasonic


Highly specialized environments like healthcare demand highly specialized solutions, developed with extensive industry input. Our technology helps deliver faster, more coordinated care every day.
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connected vehicle

Four connected vehicle terms you should know

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family coming home

Healthy home trends for 2019: A smarter way to think about living spaces

As living spaces become intelligent and tech becomes human-centric, the home of the future will deliver wellness and comfort to the people who live in them
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