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5 Year Warranty

Panasonic has always built quality and reliability into our security and video surveillance products. We have been a leader in developing innovative technologies for more than 50 years. Panasonic’s 5 year no cost limited warranty provides assurances to our customers that they have chosen the right solution provider.

Limited Warranty Details


Security Product Coverage
Cameras 5 year parts and labour
Control systems and switchers 5 year parts and labour
Digital recorders 5 year parts and labour
Video encoders and decoders 5 year parts and labour
Security Product Coverage Exceptions
Monitors 2 year parts and labour
Pan & tilt mechanism, lens, motors, fans, slip rings 1 year parts and labour
Housing and brackets 1 year parts and labour
Hard disk drive unit 1 year plus the balance (if any) of the original manufacturer's limited warranty
Panasonic software 90 days - replacement only


Service Inquiries


If a problem with your equipment develops during the warranty period contact your Panasonic dealer where you originally purchased the products.

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